Ben Stoneman

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Unity Developer and Pixel Artist


Greetings, my name is Ben Stoneman and I'm a game developer and pixel artist! I've been in the games industry for just over 7 years and I have no doubts that this is the industry for me. I was a design student back in 2012 when I landed an internship at Unity Technologies . I worked my way up through their support team learning as much as I could along the way and taking advantage of the resources given to me.

I started my career as a competing in Game Jams on a game design course with Train2Game. After winning my first game jam I worked harder to fill the gaps in my skill tree, learning to code in C#, creating art assets for both 2D and 3D games as well as using unity to a professional level. I now continue to strive for better quality in my work and educate myself in more subjects. Feel free to check out my CV Here